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The Most Exciting Start-ups and Scale-ups of the Moment

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With hundreds of new startups launching every day, you may be wondering how you can work out which ones are the best. Well, we've decided to save you the trouble. Here’s a list of the most promising start-ups and scale-ups of the moment based on their successes, uniqueness and the funding they have obtained so far.


Guardsquare's products are used worldwide and set a benchmark in mobile application protection! Their products are employed in various areas from financial services, e-commerce and the public sector to telecommunications, gaming and media. Guardsquare is based in Leuven (Belgium) and San Francisco (USA). Following its impressive growth (+4713%), keep a close eye on this company!


ListMinut is a Brussels start-up which connects (small) daily service providers with private individuals. Having raised €850,000 in 2017, the young company has almost 200,000 users and a satisfaction rate of 98%! 

Watch the video with the CEO and Founder of ListMinut Jonathan Schockaert to find out more about this promising company:


Created by Belgian entrepreneurs concerned about the environment, Mega is based in Liège and supports the local economy. A real Walloon success, its growth is estimated at no less than 3086%. 


Teamleader is constantly evolving. Once the company began to take shape, the financing was raised through 3 consecutive rounds of financing: a €1 million round in May 2014, a €2.5 million Series A in May 2015 and a €10 million Series B in November 2016 further fuelled its growth (currently estimated at 1198%).

Lemon Companies

Lemon Companies specialises in the creation and construction of software and applications (web) and is an excellent example of a successful transition from start-up to scale-up. The company won the title of "Most Promising Start-up" in 2017 and was nominated for "Scale-up of the Year” in 2018.

Watch the video of Lemon Companies to find out more about this promising company:


Combining in-depth knowledge of data analysis, compliance monitoring and financial reporting in financial services with exceptional technology, Silverfin is one of the fastest growing fintech companies (2748%) in Europe.


Qualifio is an interactive marketing and data collection platform. After raising €3 million, the scale-up is accelerating its expansion in the European market. At the 2019 Big Squeeze Awards, Qualifio was nominated as Scale-up of the Year!


THEO Technologies

THEO Technologies aims to facilitate the video experience on any platform or device, any time, anywhere. The THEO-player is a universal video player and, in 2017 and 2018, was named the world's best video/SDK player in the Streaming Media Readers' Choice category. 

CHILI Publish

CHILI Publish, the market-leading software package for the creation of intelligent illustrations and marketing materials, raised the equivalent of €3.625 million from its initial investors Volta Ventures, Pamica and Group MC. This will allow the company to double the size of its teams in Belgium and the United States to 85 people!

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