8 Hottest Future Jobs in Belgium

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It’s sometimes difficult to know which direction you should take in your career. This is especially true if you’re a young professional wanting to enhance your skills and acquire new ones. However, there are some jobs which will maximise your employability in the near future, and which may influence the direction you head in next.

The job site Indeed has drawn up a list of the 7 hottest future jobs in Belgium, based on online data from 2016 and 2017 showing which jobs saw the greatest increase in demand. Anouk Kon, who works for Indeed as a Recruitment Evangelist, states that the hottest future jobs will be those which “complete the work of machines”. Let’s take a look at these jobs in more detail.

1. Cyber Security Expert

Cyber Security Experts can earn anywhere between €32,400 and €79,000 euros a year. Their job entails working with organisations to secure and maintain their computer systems, implementing and coordinating information security programs, and determining who receives access to particular information.

2. Data Scientist

In this job, you can earn between €52,000 and €58,000 a year. Data Scientists interpret data, extract meaning from it, and create learning-based processes and tools for companies to perform data analysis.



"The most promising jobs are those who will complete the work done by machines.” Anouk Kon, Recruitment Evangelist at Indeed

3. Healthcare Professional

Healthcare professionals can earn anywhere between €14,400 a year for a family nurse and €150,000 a year for a specialist physician. Their responsibilities include improving the quality of and access to healthcare facilities for individuals and families, promoting health through vital services, preventing disease and delivering healthcare services to people.

4. Marketing, Design and Communication Experts

These jobs offer a yearly salary between €20,400 a year for a junior designer, and €140,000 a year for a communications director of a large corporation. Marketing Experts have various responsibilities, including conducting market research to help them understand consumer requirements, habits and trends. Design Experts must have a fairly high level of formal education, for instance a bachelor’s degree in graphic design and an extensive portfolio showing off their skills. Communication Experts, then, create and maintain positive relationships between their clients and the public through online and offline media. They also manage public events and produce press releases.

5. Delivery and Logistics Managers

Delivery and Logistics Managers can earn between €29,590 and €77,500 a year. Their job entails coordinating the distribution and storage of goods and ensuring that goods are delivered to the right location, on time and in a cost-effective way.

6. Human Resources Managers

Human Resources Managers can earn between €35,640 and €85,570 a year. They design, organise and implement various HR policies, programmes and strategies in companies. HR managers’ responsibilities include recruiting employees, performance management and helping individuals to learn and develop.


7. Developers

The profession of developer is experiencing unprecedented growth and is now one of the most sought-after in Belgium! As there is a shortage of candidates in this sector, the salaries are often attractive and qualified specialists are hardly ever without work. This creates another kind of challenge though: how to find navigate among the many opportunities to find the one that really suits your ambitions? If you are a developer looking for a job and feeling swamped in irrelevant job offers, take a look at mynextcompany.io. This Belgian platform allows you to list and rate your skills, then filters through the companies with the help of an algorithm, to come up with a list of those that fit your profile. You remain anonymous and are in total control of which companies can contact you. No need to update and upload your CV either!

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8. Gig Workers

adamcirclephotoThis term comes from the music industry, where musicians move from gig to gig. In a similar way, gig workers move from job to job and from contract to contract, for clients they usually find through platforms such as Fiverr or Upwork. This is considered a very modern form of job, where workers can choose their own working hours. The earnings vary greatly and start from €5 for a simple gig by a debuting freelancer, up to €350 per hour for a top-ranked consultant. One of the highest paid Upwork freelancers Adam Palmer earns more than €100,000 per year within his domain of automation and sales funnel development.

If you’re looking for an evening class to attend or an online course to start, you now have an idea of which direction you should take if you want to secure a job in the future. The number of new career pathways is growing yearly, so make sure you choose a job in a company that’s right for you!

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