9 Advantages of Working in a Scale-up

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A scale-up is a young company with a growth rate of at least 20% each year. This type of company is attracting an increasing number of talented and ambitious people thanks to the many advantages it offers, both financial and personal. 

1. In a scale-up, the impact of the individual on the company is much greater than in large companies.

jan-nuyens "You can really make a difference. You are in a position to be able to see the results of whatever you do, unlike in a large company, where the goal is often far away. It’s very motivating; people feel that they have an impact on the company and that makes them very proud.  Jan Nuyens, CEO & Owner at Foreach

2. Your job will evolve as the company does too.

This means that opportunities within a scale-up are more numerous and easier to obtain than in another company structure. Indeed, joining a hypergrowth company is the best way to secure many promotions, and in a shorter space of time than in a larger corporate structure.


3. It will give you more varied experience than working for a large company for the same amount of time.

Indeed, in a scale-up you will have to work on many different projects. For example, a Content Marketer might write articles and newsletters, create photo/video shoots, implement a social media strategy, help with the creation of the website, analyse data... Naturally, as there is a lot of variation in the job, the learning opportunities are very interesting. 

4. The pace is much faster compared to in large companies.

In large companies change is slower, especially because it must occur in people's minds as well. In a scale-up, you don't feel like you're unable to change things that don’t work; you have more freedom and change will happen much faster, with lots of it being triggered by individuals. 

5. Meeting talented and inspiring people is another great reason to join a growing company.

Scale-ups are a real breeding ground for bright talent, and some employees will eventually leave to pursue their own projects. The address book that people build at the beginning of their career in hypergrowth companies is often their most important professional network.


6. You can shape your job and define your own roles and responsibilities depending on where your talents lie.

For example, as a content marketer, if you are great at making videos but not so good at writing text, you will of course make more videos. This is not the case if you work in a large company, where you have to do exactly what your job title dictates. 

jan-nuyens "Developers can make technology-related decisions in our scale-up. The company doesn’t state that we have to do everything using one form of technology or one version of software. On the contrary, the developers can choose the project they think is best to do using this technology or plugin. They can make certain choices and have an impact on how the job is done.” Jan Nuyens, CEO & Owner at Foreach

7. Personal growth is also an integral part of working in a scale-up.

This depends on the success of the company, but if the company grows, your job will too. For example, if a second content marketer is hired, the first one's job will partly involve coaching the less experienced one. Then, if the team of content marketers expands, the job will evolve into more strategic, visionary work. The most senior employee will be the one who determines the vision behind the company's content marketing department, and their job will logically evolve towards leadership. This means employees develop at the same pace as the scale-up. Of course, it is possible to grow in a large company, but positions must be vacant in order to make this happen.

8. A scale-up is a bit like a project you’ve helped to create, even if you’re not the founder.

You are part of its history. This is different to a multinational which is already well established in several countries, and which is not really your achievement. The purpose of this is to create a sense of belonging and a strong link between the company and the employees. 

9. Having left the start-up stage and the risks associated with it, you will find in a scale-up a certain stability that guarantees job security.

helpilepsy "In a scale-up, the stability is much greater than in a start-up thanks to the structure put in place. We retain the start-up spirit, which requires a certain flexibility, while adding more financial security.” Ludovic Ampe, Chief Customer Officer at Helpilepsy and ex Head of Services and Community at Scale-Ups.eu

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Alban Gaffori

Written by Alban Gaffori

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