Breaking the Ice – A Video Shoot at Globule Bleu

We arrive in Liège mid-morning. After a brief hello, we take off to the park nearby to check out the neighborhood and take some photos. The area is lovely, despite the proximity of a busy road–there are people taking a walk, others having a siesta on the river bank, runners, and cyclists. The place pulsates with life.

Enough photos and videos taken, we go back to the office. It is a trendy, welcoming place, with lots of open space, plants, and funky decorations. You can tell that people like working here and feel like a family. Our video crew seems to be intruding this close-knit setup, so we ask people to join us at a foosball table to relax the atmosphere.

It is time to record the general manager Jean-Marc. With his poker face and a crisp sense of humor, Jean-Marc is a legend on his own. We go outside to find surroundings that complement his demeanor—the black and white graffiti wall fits the bill perfectly. We even have a few small adventures with a local dog that demands that we throw him a ball and a lady who needs help pushing her broken car down the road.

In the mid-afternoon the whole team disappears into the meeting room. Globule is launching a brand of beer and they are brainstorming about the name. Out come the peanuts, bottles of lager and good moods. Many creative ideas down the road, the team set their minds on La Stagiaire V15. It’s stagiaire, since the brew will be the youngest addition to the Globule squad, and it’s V15 to celebrate 15 years of the company (with a tongue-in-cheek reference to indecisive customers and endless document versions). Next, it will be over to the designers to create the label.

Before long, we have interview material with several people and loads of secondary shots to intersect the interviews with. The working week is soon over and everyone is looking forward to the staple pre-weekend event: the apéro. Bottles magically come out of the help-yourself fridge, caps pop, and we all become one: Globule, the video team, the birds on the trees surrounding the terrace, the neighbor sweeping up his yard.

My Next Company crew also take a minute to celebrate a good day of shooting.

Maja Fiołek

Written by Maja Fiołek

Maja is a Communication Ambassador at MyNextCompany and a passionate advocate of translating the inbound tools into the world of recruitment. Outside of work, you will find her training for the next triathlon or nose-deep in house renovation.