Case Study - Combining Work and Family Life

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As Morgane becomes a mother, she needs to reconcile her private and professional life.

aurelie-01In short: Morgane is a team leader at ClearSource and has recently become a mother. After coming back to work, she faces new challenges in keeping up with the requirements of her job. ClearSource makes it possible for her to adjust her schedule so that she can find new work-life balance.

Team leader and mom

Morgane is leader of the account managers team at ClearSource, a digital recruitment agency with 20 employees. She is responsible for the follow up, coaching and well-being of the account managers team. Apart from that she also nurtures and develops her own client portfolio.

In 2017 she became a mother to a baby boy. “Adam is a really cheerful child who wakes up with a smile every day. It's a real joy being able to hold him every morning and to share these moments with him.” Coming back from maternity leave, she has decided not to compromise neither on her job, nor on her young family.

Challenge: Work-life balance

With her natural tendency for perfection, Morgane admits that she is very demanding towards herself and always aspires to deliver quality results. “I'm someone who sets very high standards for herself. Sometimes I expect more of myself than do my managers.”

Before her baby was born, Morgane often stayed in late to finish work. It’s a luxury she cannot afford anymore, since Adam has to be picked up from the creche latest by 6 pm, with the drive through the congested city taking her up to an hour. Mobility in Belgium is a challenge for many employees, with average commute taking 54 minutes per day.

Solution: Flexible hours and management’s support

Her employer ClearSource allows her to organise her time and to manage her private and professional tasks in a free and transparent way. "ClearSource offers a lot of flexibility to its employees," says Morgane. "We can work from home when need be, or we can make use of flexible working hours."

"It's really nice to know that I'm being supported in my role as a mother, but also as a team leader. ClearSource gives me the opportunity not to compromise either and I find that really great,” asserts Morgane.

With the support of her employer, Morgane can be the performant team leader that she is and still have quality time with her young boy.

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Maja Fiołek

Written by Maja Fiołek

Maja is a Communication Ambassador at MyNextCompany and a passionate advocate of translating the inbound tools into the world of recruitment. Outside of work, you will find her training for the next triathlon or nose-deep in house renovation.