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Dardan is in his twenties. He needs training and an employer that allows him to grow in his job.

aurelie-01In short: Dardan is ICT Service Desk Agent at Media Markt and is ambitious, willing, and eager to grow and expand his knowledge. On the interview for his current job, he expressed this desire to learn and grow, and Media Markt is making it possible for him to follow trainings that align with his future vision. 

Eager to learn at a Great Place to Work

Dardan is ICT Service Desk Agent at Media Markt. Media Markt has been elected a Great Place to Work a few years in a row now, and Dardan gets to experience on a daily basis why this is so. Dardan appreciates the atmosphere of trust at Media Markt. He gets a lot of autonomy is his job and the contact with coworkers is easy-going. 


Challenge: Grow and learn

Training in Belgium is considered as one of the top non-financial benefits an employer can offer to their staff. However, good coaching can be as valuable to a junior professional as formal courses. When entering his current job at Media Markt, Dardan expressed his ambition to grow and evolve. He is a loyal employee who needs positive reinforcement from his employer as well as the freedom to organise his own work and to learn on the job. Media Markt can allow him this liberty, while at the same time providing structure and guidance in the form of weekly one-to-one’s.

Solution: Training and feedback 

Media Markt trusts its employees and believes in employee well-being. In the case of Dardan this means listening to his needs to grow and providing him with the right technical training at the right moment, but also giving him autonomy in the way he executes his job. This way Dardan can grow and learn at his pace, while building a trust relationship with his employer. Dardan gets feedback from his team leader on a weekly basis to make sure he’s on the right track and to align his way of working with the rest of the team and the company as a whole.

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Maja Fiołek

Written by Maja Fiołek

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