Case Study - Stimulating Job in a Stable Environment

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Benoît wants a job that's challenging and provides the stability he needs as a head of the family.

aurelie-01In short: Benoît is Software Architect at Spacebel. He has a young family and recently purchased a house. He knows that finding work as an IT developer isn’t a challenge for him, but finding a job that fits his specific personal needs was another thing. He was looking for a job that challenges him intellectually and technically, but also provides the stability he needs right now.

Software developer and father

As a Software Architect at Spacebel, Benoît gets to work on interesting and challenging technologies. However, his primary need when looking for a job was to find a company in which he could see himself working for a long time, so that he can have a stable career to support his family. He told this to Spacebel during his interview and it became clear to both parties that this would be a match: a young and talented professional looking for an interesting job on the one hand, and a well established company with a good reputation on the other. 

Challenge: Find a stimulating job for long

When you’re a software developer, finding a job these days isn’t hard. Finding a job however that suits your specific personal needs and provides enough challenge is another question. If you intend to stay at a working place for a longer time, it is important that your personality, goals and ambitions are aligned with the company you’re working for. For Benoît the position as a Software Architect at Spacebel was a perfect package: technological challenges and the security of a stable workplace.

Solution: Combine stability with excitement

Spacebel knew from the get-go that Benoît was looking for a stable job that would allow him not to worry about career switches in the coming years. As a company with over 30-years' history, they fit the bill perfectly. They were equally happy to hear of his intention to stay long with them and gladly offered him a contract.

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Maja Fiołek

Written by Maja Fiołek

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