6 Ways to Find the Right Company Culture for You

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Company culture is a term that covers the “values and behaviours that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of an organisation,” according to The Business Dictionary. It encompasses everything from the language people use, to dress code, type of coffee, engagement in outdoor activities… Company culture is what sets the tone in a company and defines how people interact with each other.

When looking for a job, it’s easy to get so focused on getting the job that you forget to ask yourself: will I actually fit in this organisation? Will I actually want to be here every day?

Finding a company that fits your personality is very important for your happiness and for your mental, physical and emotional health.

Here are 6 ways to get you started in finding a job within a company culture that is right for you:

1. Your application and interviewing experience

Company-Culture-3Arrive early and observe how people interact with each other. Could you see yourself taking part in that interaction?

Does your interviewer show up on time? Are they formal or rather casual? Is the interview structured, or is it a freewheeling conversation?

And most importantly: what do you value? Do you find what you value in your application experience with this company?

2. Get to know your future boss

It is said that people don't leave jobs, they leave bosses. Gallup research confirms that at least 75% of the reasons why people quit can be influenced by their managers. So, it’s important to get to know the person who will be passing down tasks, deadlines and structure to you before you consider taking the job.

Can you see yourself collaborating with this person under stress? Ask how they behave under pressure. Just as the company will question you about your strengths and weaknesses, you can ask your superiors the same questions too.

3. Ask the interviewers about company culture

Ask your interviewers about the company culture. How do they react? Do they each mention a different aspect of the company culture? Are their answers consistent?

Company-Culture-54. Check out the company’s social media

An online tone of voice says a lot about a company. Does their online image match your perception of them?

Do they have an employer brand? If so, are the values they put forth consistent with the way they treat you, and more importantly do their values match your personal values?

5. Ask around outside the company

You can meet with former employees, consultants, auditors, contractors, lawyers and suppliers. Harvard Business Review suggests that you ask questions like:

  • What is this organization like to work with?
  • Where is it succeeding?
  • What kinds of people do well in this organization?
  • What kinds of people leave?
  • What is the turnover?
  • What happened to the last person who did this job?
6. Ask yourself: when are you most productive?

In order to get a sense of accomplishment in your job and during your working day, it’s important to know yourself. When are you at you best at work?

  • What are your basic needs during the day?
  • Do you want to work alone or with others?
  • Would you rather work with people or with the product?
  • Are you most productive on a buzzing sales floor or do you need solitude?
  • Do you work best with clear deadlines, or do you prefer to organise your time yourself?
  • Do you like having a similar schedule every day? Or do you enjoy flexible hours and improvising?


Ask yourself these questions before stepping into a new job. And look for an employer that offers you the chance to work to the best of your ability!

Our formula for finding the right company culture for you:

Thorough research + Stay alert + Know yourself.

And congratulations in advance for having found a job that matches who you are!

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Alban Gaffori

Written by Alban Gaffori

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