The 6 Essential Positions in a Start-up or a Scale-up

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An increasing number of start-ups are emerging in Belgium, and some are even moving to the scale-up stage thanks to major fundraising campaigns. These two types of structure are therefore looking for specific profiles in order to prosper and survive. Let’s take a look at the 6 essential positions to be filled in a start-up or scale-up.

1. Customer Success Manager (CSM)

The Customer Success Manager mobilises energy in the company around customer relations. They act on behalf of customers, mastering sales, marketing, communication and new technology techniques. They seek to improve the customer experience, create a committed customer base and facilitate organic growth. They deal with customer problems and follow up on these until they are resolved. 

2. IT Support Technician

The IT Support Technician’s main responsibility is to find solutions to problems encountered by users. To do this, they must be good at diagnosing and solving problems. Patience and listening skills are essential soft skills to work in this position. 

3. Quality Assurance (QA) Tester

The QA Tester ensures the quality of the product or service delivered to customers. Rigour and patience are the most important soft skills for this profession. Their main mission is to identify and report bugs or deficiencies in the specifications. In concrete terms, the QA tester closely examines each element of a video game or each section of a website.

4. Developer

A computer development specialist, the Developer is responsible for writing all or part of the computer programs. Their objective is to create effective solutions that meet users’ needs.

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5. UX Designer

A UX Designer designs software and platforms that meet certain needs. They combine interfaces and workflows to improve the user experience. They are an analytical and creative designer who can understand user needs and solve problems. They seek to make the product more user-friendly and intuitive to attract and retain customers.

6. Digital Marketer

Digital Marketers are responsible for promoting a company and the products and services it sells online. People working in online marketing organise and implement inbound and outbound promotional campaigns that promote a brand and use dedicated funnels to convert leads into customers. 

These six jobs are among the most essential to the success of a start-up or a scale-up. Are you currently working in one of these jobs? Great, you have the perfect profile for this type of exciting business! Click here and find all the job opportunities for the most exciting start-ups and scale-ups of the moment. 
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Nicolas Christidis

Written by Nicolas Christidis

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