What Is a Good Environment for the Consultant?

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Consulting services are not generally known for maintaining a work-life balance. Consultants earn high salaries, sometimes at the expense of their wellbeing at work. Nevertheless, for several years now, a trend has been emerging among companies to improve working conditions for their consultants. So, what’s the current situation?

The consultant's problem

Before we go any further, let’s recall the definition of this profession: a specialist from outside an organisation, the consultant provides advice or assistance if there is a problem to solve. In an increasingly digitalised context, the consultant's function is evolving and now supports the client's digital transformation from strategy to technological execution.


The consultant's problem revolves around the difficulties related to integration into the company as an external consultant, with expectations being very high. The issue of mobility can also be problematic for some people, not to mention the long working days.

This white paper on the issue of the “always on” culture in jobs considered very stressful blames the so-called outdated bureaucracy for the problem. Researchers have found that many highly paid professionals do not complain about the workload they have to deal with, but rather about time wasted at meetings, among other things. 

The consultant's optimal workplace

Fortunately, a growing number of companies are becoming aware of this issue and investing in better working conditions in order to create an ideal environment for their consultants. This win-win situation for both employer and employee is increasingly present in companies.

But what are the ideal conditions for consultants? A good working environment starts with a highly stimulating intellectual environment. In the same vein, project development and training opportunities are also necessary for employee development. In addition, the diversity of the missions offered, attractive work opportunities and a broad international outlook promote their wellbeing.


The Belgian environment 

The consulting services sector is, therefore, increasingly focusing on client talent management issues. Consulting and professional services firms with the best working environments enjoy business advantages over their peers, including faster growth and more engaged and productive employees.

As we previously explained in this article, Belgium is a welcoming and indeed ideal place for consultants. Companies such as Tobania and Intys Consulting settled there several years ago because they are fully integrated into this kind of environment, promoting an ideal working environment for consultants’ development.   

onepoint is a company that believes that a work-life balance is essential to development. In this regard, an employee testifies that "it is an open working environment in an idyllic setting, where it feels good to work". 

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Alban Gaffori

Written by Alban Gaffori

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