What's the Start-up Spirit?

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An increasing number of start-ups are emerging in Belgium. The idea of working in a start-up and taking on the associated challenges may have already crossed your mind. You might be wondering whether this type of structure would suit you.

Watch this video made at ListMinut to get a clearer idea of what a start-up really is. 

Let's take a look at the specific characteristics of start-ups:

  • A start-up is, above all, a human-sized company. The professional environment is therefore less formal than in a large company. As there are few management levels, the hierarchy is much more horizontal than elsewhere.
  • The challenges are many and varied and the work less repetitive and therefore less tedious. Start-ups also offer an opportunity to accomplish many different tasks without being limited to what your job title might define.
  • Start-ups are the ideal place for curious and ambitious people: the opportunities for learning, promotion and growth are considerable.
  • Even as an employee, you have the power to influence key decisions. A start-up is an environment where you can have much more of an impact personally.
  • You have to be able to keep up with the fast pace. Changes occur frequently in start-ups, so it’s important to be flexible. A start-up can change completely in just a few months.  
  • To be able to work in a start-up, you mustn’t be afraid to be independent and to cultivate your creativity. These are two essential soft skills to master if you want to work in this type of company.


However, it’s not all good news…

  • Start-ups are generally associated with risks (bankruptcy, among others). If you are looking for financial stability, a start-up may not be the right environment for you.
  • You are also unlikely to find structure and guidance in a start-up, as you will often be left to your own devices. This will affect your work-life balance as you will frequently be solely responsible for your work and will probably have difficulty disconnecting. 

13006677-three-dimensional-image-of-an-exclamation-markWorking in a start-up means sharing a common objective built around a bold plan and a set of common values.

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Nicolas Christidis

Written by Nicolas Christidis

Nico is a true people leader and a talent whisperer. Has been in recruitment since before you could say “1999." After work, you will see him cheering for AS Saint-Étienne or on a tatami mat practising martial arts.